Our general idea is a modular approach, enabling a robust testing process and easy upgrades and modifications.

The basic physical components are:

  1. Power supply
  2. Heater assembly
    1. MOSFET PWM driver
    2. Temperature sensor
    3. Heating element
  3. Arduino
    1. PID control for heater loop
    2. PWM control for blower
    3. LCD interface
    4. Input buttons
  4. Raspberry Pi
    1. Serial I/O with Arduino
      1. Receive cycle information
      2. Receive hit begin/end messages
      3. Receive temperature and airflow at intervals
      4. Send cycle and temperature control
    2. TCP/IP connectivity
      1. Twitter integration
      2. Web UI
      3. iOS app
      4. Achievement tracking

CHASSIS: Gutted Apple PowerMac G4 Cube


HEATER: 100W of nichome heating element driven by PSU +12V line

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